About Us

Blazer Apparel & Printing officially started in 2021, but is a result of years of a desire to not only create comfortable, high quality casual gear, but with a desire to inspire others along the way.

Our goal is simple: we strive to empower others to be trail blazers, creating a new path & taking ahold of your dreams. We strive to be the the risk-takers, the dream-makers, the go-getters, and the do-gooders.
Local trailblazers are the heartbeat of any community, and we are inspired by our community to create products that speak to those that dare to be different. 

Blazer is proud to create unique tees, hats, accessories, and more. We are constantly looking to expand our line & bring more to the table, just as those around us inspire us to do so. We are always up for something new, so make sure to stay in touch!
Facebook: Blazer Apparel
Instagram: @blzrapparel
Email: blazerapparelco@gmail.com